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New Dinosaur Greetings Cards and Dinosaur Gift Wrap

Lorna is constantly drawing, designing and thinking of new illustrations and messages for greetings cards so it’s time to share some of her newest additions with you.

Lorna has launched a fun new greetings card collection for kids (and maybe some adults!). Her new dinosaur collection features birthday age greetings cards for children up to the age of six and also some fun non age specific cards that could be given to a dinosaur lover of any age! The non age specific dinosaur cards come with some fun dinosaur pun birthday messaging that is sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

Dinosaur Birthday Age Greetings Cards for Children

In the new dinosaur collection there are two birthday age design cards, one featuring a Tyrannosaurus Rex dressed up and ready to party and the other featuring a Triceratops on top of a large birthday present. Each design is available for each age celebration 1 to 6. An age specific greetings card is extra special and any young dinosaur enthusiast will be ecstatic with either of these dinosaur designs.

3 Today Birthday Ballet Dinosaur greeting card sustainable FSC recycled plastic free illustration dinosaur birthday greeting card British made UK
3 Today Birthday Dinosaur greeting card with present Roarsome Birthday Dinosaur greeting card sustainable FSC recycled plastic free illustration dinosaur birthday greeting card British made UK

Dinosaur Birthday Celebration Cards for Any Age

Lorna also wants to introduce her new bunch of dinosaur buddies. First up is this friendly Diplodocus wishing you a Dino-mite Birthday! This dinosaur is ready for the party with party accessories and a huge birthday cake in tow. Having a long neck is a real benefit for this diplodocus as he can see all the birthday guests arriving.

sustainable FSC recycled plastic free illustration dinosaur birthday greeting card british made UKDino-mite Birthday Dinosaur greeting card. Dino-mite birthday card with dinosaur holding a cake with a birthday hat.
Roarsome Birthday Dinosaur greeting card sustainable FSC recycled plastic free illustration dinosaur birthday greeting card british made UK. pterodactyl illustration with balloons saying have a roarsome birthday

Next up is this superhero flying dinosaur swooping in with all the party balloons and wishing you a Roar-some birthday! This dinosaur is ready for all the party action and can use his flying skills to put up all the birthday party balloons.

This could be a new favourite birthday card featuring a cute Stegosaurus who is about to get flown away by a bunch of balloons. That would be an extraordinary sight so this dinosaur is wishing the recipient the most ext-roar-dinary birthday. If the Stegosaurus does get carried away he can try to pop all the birthday balloons with its spiky tail! 

sustainable FSC recycled plastic free illustration dinosaur birthday greeting card british made UK Ex-roar-dinary Birthday
T-rexcellent Birthday sustainable FSC recycled plastic free illustration dinosaur birthday greeting card british made UK

Last but not least Lorna has a different Tyrannosaurus Rex featured on this card who is setting up the birthday party decorations. They want the recipient to have a T-Rexecellent Birthday!  The Tyrannosaurus Rex has a reputation for being the most ferocious of all the dinosaurs with powerful jaws and teeth. Lorna’s T-Rex is only using its teeth for smiling and eating lots of birthday cake.

 As with all of Lorna’s greetings cards, the new dinosaur collection is printed in the UK on high quality paper from an FSC-certified supplier. The plastic wrap is biodegradable and all cards and gift wrap are sent plastic free where possible.  

If you would like a dinosaur birthday card sent directly from us to your loved one just click the handwritten message button under the cart and we can hand write this and send directly to your recipient for only £1. Please make sure you’ve got the delivery address correct.


Dinosaur Birthday Gift Wrap for Children

This dinosaur birthday wrapping paper is bright and fun and will really make your gift stand out at a children’s birthday party. It’s a unique wrapping paper design illustrated with dinosaurs with balloons and presents. It features Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Pterodactyl and Stegosaurus dinosaurs. This dinosaur gift wrap is sure to delight any dinosaur enthusiast.

dinosaur wrapping paper dino wrap illustration british designer gift wrap FSC sustainable recycled paper dino

It is perfect to pair with any of Lorna’s dinosaur greetings cards and together they will make such a memorable birthday gift for kids. Lorna’s high quality wrapping paper is printed in the UK on high quality paper. Please note it will be folded to A4 size for posting.

Other New Stationery Collections

Lorna has been busy creating and drawing lots of new designs for different greetings cards collections. As well as her new dinosaur collection, Lorna has also launched a bear collection. These are sweet bear illustrations with simple messaging for your loved ones on a variety of occasions.


There are the Happy Birthday Mummy and Happy Birthday Daddy cards. They are both beautifully illustrated with the bear cub holding the Mummy or Daddy bear’s hand.


sustainable FSC designer plastic free bear mums birthday
Happy birthday to my wonderful daddy greeting card, sustainable FSC greeting card

There are three new baby cards which send your excitement and happiness for the new arrival – it’s a boy, It’s a girl and welcome little one. Each new baby card is illustrated with bears showing a new bear cub.

sustainable FSC designer plastic free bear new baby

Within this collection there is also a new Mother’s Day and Father’s Day card. These are good for a first Mother’s Day or first Father’s Day as they display a Mama or Papa bear holding a bear cub celebrating mothers day together or father’s day together.

sustainable FSC designer plastic free bear mothers day
sustainable FSC designer plastic free bear walk with you rainbow

The final card in this collection is a thoughtful card for an occasion where someone needs support or you just want to let them know you are there for them. This greetings card has illustrated bears holding hands beneath a rainbow with the messaging “I’ll walk anywhere with you”. A perfect card for love and friendship messages.

Pet Parents Collection

Lorna’s original Dog Dad, Cat Dad, Dog Mum and Cat Mum cards did really well so she decided to expand this collection further into a whole Pet Parents collection. These cards are fantastic for dog owners and cat owners who want to celebrate being pet parents. View the whole collection here. Some of Lorna’s favourites include:


Best Cat Parents Greetings Card – A great card for the best cat parents you know! Scout is one of Lorna’s commissioned pet portrait illustrations, perfect gift for those cat parents.


You’re the Best Dog Dad Greetings Card – Celebrate the wonderful man in your life, for fathers day, their birthday or just to show them how special they are.


Congratulations on Your New Fur Baby – For when someone gets a new fur baby in their lives, it’s a really big moment! They may have been waiting for the new arrival for some time so make sure it’s a special celebration.

sustainable plastic free FSC recycled card cat parents tabby cat greeting card
Greetings Card Luxury Designer Personalised Message Sustainable Environmentally Friendly paper from an FSC-certified supplier Plastic Free - best dog dad
sustainable greeting card plastic free FSC recycled card Congratulations on your new dog fur baby

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