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Blue Tit Design Inspiration and Moodboard

This beautiful foliage and bird inspired Blue Tit designs joins the Garden Collection this year in two colourways, a pale grey with blue berries and a dark grey with white berries. We are hoping that having two colourways of the same design, like Broom & Bee Sky and Dusk appeals to a wider range of people as each colourway can be used in a variety of interior contexts. Both designs also pair well together without being too matchy-matchy, we have paired the design with a beautiful chartreuse chunky knit throw by Melanie Porter that adds a subtle texture and makes the colours in the design pop.

This design was inspired by ivy cascading down a Georgian house on a tree lined street that Lorna passes on her way to the studio in the mornings. After some deliberation, we decided that a blue tit  should feature as the bird in the design as they love to nestle amongst branches and the mustard green and vibrant blue of the bird pops nicely against both colourways. In addition they are a traditionally British garden bird, which fits in with our brand and their seems to be a sense of excitement whenever we spot one, as they are so vibrant and inquisitive.

Photos from Pinterest and Lorna Syson designs

The design process begins with a research and colour board, using relevant images to piece together the initial idea. We knew that when we photographed this design we wanted a dark cladded background, so we have included found images of interiors we like to get a feel for the shoot. The cladded wall is actually in Lornas living room where we shot on shoot day 1, it has now become a permanent fixture in her house as it looked so great in all of the final images!

Photo Shoot Plan

Lorna collages images together to create a compositional idea, this makes it easy on shoot day to piece together the layout, as we have pre-planned images for reference. This shoot plan showcases Blue Tit Blue, in a homely setting, allowing you to contextualise how this design could look within your own home. We have added in hanging and potted plants in our fabric plant pots to create a natural and earthy vibe, fitting in with the image of our brand.

Behind The Scenes on Shoot Day

Lots of work goes into creating beautiful images, there are lots of minor adjustments made to get the perfect shot. We start by steaming everything to ensure it looks crease free and crisp in all of the images, then we work on composition and arrangement to ensure we get the maximum potential out of our time with Yeshen Venema. Yeshen is our fabulous photographer whom we have worked with on numerous occasions and who always produces such high quality images – we are incredibly grateful for his time and patience as we are overjoyed with the final outcome.

Final Images

I hope you will agree with us in thinking that the final images are great – we could not be happier! Keep your eyes peeled for the new designs that will be launching on to our products and fabric by the metre at Top Drawer September 2017. To keep up to date and to be the first to know about new product launches, sign up to our news letter and receive 10% off your first order.

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