Inspiration behind The Chrysanthemum Design and Photoshoot

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Inspiration behind The Chrysanthemum Design and Photoshoot

Chrysanthemum Design Inspiration and Moodboard

Our fresh and zingy Chrysanthemum design joined our Garden Collection back in 2016 and has been a firm favourite ever since. The bright yellow hue makes this design perfect for a beautiful spring interior and brightens up even the dullest of spaces.

This colour can be paired with many other shades to create your desired look, during our photoshoot we paired this design with grey and green from freshly picked plants as these neutral colours let the yellow shine and really showed it off. We are really drawn to this design as the beautiful chrysanthemum blooms and silhouetted bees make a space feel bright and airy, perfect for spring or to wish away the grey winter days.

Photos from Pinterest and Lorna Syson designs

Photoshoot Plan

Here Lorna plans our hero collection photograph showing all of our garden collection designs in situ, the chrysanthemum design brings a pop of colour to the moody and warming hues of the Pansy and Buds & Butterflies designs. Chrysanthemum also goes nicely alongside Wren & Cherry as they are both neutral and brightening.

You can see here how we use collage to create a compositional plan using photoshop.

Behind The Scenes on Shoot Day

Alex tapes fresh blooms and foliage to the wall to pick up on the yellow within our Chrysanthemum design, you can see here how the design pairs nicely with a number of colours and looks fresh and vibrant. Lots of perfecting goes into our compositions on shoot day to ensure we capture beautiful images for our blog and website enabling customers to see how the design would work within their own homes.

Final Images

Shop our Chrysanthemum fabric by the metre and other products featuring this beautiful design including our lampshadefabric plant pots and cushion.

Feature Wall Design Ideas – Yellow Chrysanthemum Floral Pattern

We hope that our styling tips and inspiration boards are useful in helping you envisage how you could style our Chrysanthemum fabric and products within your home.