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Fourth up in our pet owners Q&A series is Aflie, the delightfully fluffy Bichon Frise Poodle cross, he is an adorable addition to our collection. We think he looks cute in a ‘deer in the headlights’ sort of way. He is featured on our cards wearing a sombrero, perfect for occasions such as birthdays, and anyone who receives Alfie on a card is bound to love him!

The photo behind the card

Pet owners name: Noonan Family
Pet owners profession: Care Support Worker
City/county that pet and pet owner live in: Coventry
Pet’s name: Alfie
Pet’s age: 4

Thank you for letting us make Alfie part of the new pets collection. What made you want to get involved in the Pet collection cards project?

When we saw the collection we fell in love with all the pets and we thought Alfie would make a lovely addition.

Your pet is called Alfie where did their name come from?

We decided on Alfie as a family because it’s short and sweet like himself!

When did you decide to get Alfie, is he a rescue or did he come from a breeder?

We did a lot of research into dogs who didn’t shed hair and we found a litter of Poochon’s (Bichon Frise crossed with a Poodle) in Coventry and we fell in love with him as a tiny puppy.

What is Alfie’s personality like?

Alfie very loving, especially loves having a cuddle with everyone. He is also very cheeky, playful and mischievous. We call him our little angel dog.

Does Alfie have a bad habit?

He likes to head butt bins when no ones in the house

A very muddy Alfie and Alfie as a small pup!
Whats the silliest thing Alfie has ever done?

Alfie stole a pizza out of the shopping bag and only left the wrapper. We watched him slowly inflate over the evening until he resembled a beached whale. Alfie also ate a whole pack of chocolate raisins and ended up on a drip for 2 days, most expensive packet of raisins ending up in a vets bill of £700.

What’s the smartest thing Alfie has ever done?

Alfie sent us a Valentine’s Day card and we were surprised of the similarity of writing to Aunty Jenny!

How does Alfie chill out?

Alfie likes to chill out with his girlfriend Bella who is a Labradoodle. He also likes to sunbathe in the sun coming through the patio window

After seeing the card, do you think we’ve captured him well?

To perfection!

We hope you have enjoyed finding out more behind the personality and home life of Alfie. Check out our previous Q&A’s with Rolf, Sparky and Kronk’s owners! Keep an eye out for the new card collection on the website this summer where they will be available to purchase.

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