Inspired, Designed & Made in the UK

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Inspired, Designed & Made in the UK

We had to share this amazing photos sent to us by our manufacturer of the Juneberry and Bird and the Willow Tit cushions being made! They are screen printed in the UK by specialists creating crisp beautiful lines and a gorgeous depth of colour with our designs.

To us me it’s important to buy British, so many skills and factories have been lost and skills along with it, with the buy British campaign so many jobs and opportunities have emerged for people living within the UK boosting our economy and giving more people a sense of pride in what they do. It’s often quoted that small businesses are the backbone and the British economy and I like to think we are doing are part to be involved by being a small British business and supporting others in whatever way we can!

Being a small British brand when someone decides to support what I do by purchasing a cushion, lampshade or card it has a directly positive impact on me and my team. This gets passed onto our British factories and craftspeople we use to make our products and so on.

So a HUGE thank you to all of our customers old and new who have enabled me to support something I believe in!