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One of my favourite wallpaper companies Graham and Brown has launched National wallpaper week with the hashtag  #wallpaperweek

“On behalf of wallpaper lovers everywhere, we’re delighted to welcome you to the inaugural National Wallpaper Week.

Born out of the burning ambition to get the world shouting about wallpaper, this week is a celebration of design, colour, pattern and passion, and how the humble roll can transform a space within a matter of hours.”

I agree with their statement, although quite a grand one. Wallpaper can be put up quickly, especially the new paste the wallpapers, which are wallpapers are. To work out how much wallpaper you need see our post here or send over your wall dimensions and we can work it out for you. Wallpaper can define your space, in open plan living it can help zone area’s making it warm and homely.

Most importantly putting wallpaper up, not matter how bold or subtle can make your house or flat feel like a home. Somewhere welcoming to come back to and where you feel comfortable. That I think is the best reason to celebrate wallpaper!

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