How much wallpaper do I need?

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How much wallpaper do I need?

Working out how much wallpaper you need can be a confusing task! Please find my guide on how to work out wallpaper, but please get in touch to with any questions so I can help! I printed in small batches, sometimes a small as 24 rolls per batch so I always say to customers to over order if they’re not sure to guarantee they have enough from the same batch. I accept returns of unopened full rolls so if you don’t use that last roll you can send it back for a refund!

Things to consider before working out your wallpaper

  • Know the height and width of your space is key!
  • Knowing the pattern repeat size
  • Knowing if the wallpaper you have chosen is straight or half drop repeat. I design using both options so please see my diagram below showing what the difference is! This is written on the website listing

Juneberry and Bird Wallpaper example

In the example below I’ve used my popular Juneberry and Bird wallpaper this has a pattern repeat of 30.3cm and is a square repeat.

The example wall is 260cm high and 350cm wide

To know how many full repeats I can fit into the first drop you take the height of the wall which is 270cm and divide this by 30.3. This gives an answer of 8.58 which means there are 8.58 full repeats in the height. To make the wallpaper match in your second drop you need to have completely the repeat so I would round this up to 9.

To then work out the total length of this first drop I would take 9 (number of full drops)  x 30.3 (the pattern repeat) which totals 272.7cm which is the length you need for the first drop.

Note if you’ve done this and the amount you need is the same or within a couple of cms of the wall heigh you need to add on a pattern repeat so that your fitter has enough paper to cut and finish the top and bottom.

Now we know the drop of each wallpaper strip we can work out how many rolls we need to do the width. The wallpaper is 10m long and our drops is 2.727m we can get 3 wallpaper drops out of one roll.

The wallpaper is 52cm wide, so multiplying this by 3 gives us 156cm, which is the width 1 roll will give us therefore we are able to work out that 3 rolls are needed for this project!

Please note, if you’re room dimensions are different or you’re looking at a different design you will need to change the working out!