How much wallpaper do I need?

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How much wallpaper do I need?

I love wallpaper, the fact it adds such personality into a room in such a quick way and if you live in a house like mine, covers bumpy walls which need re plastering if they were going to be painted!!

I want my customers old, new and potential to know that you can drop me an email for advice on wallpaper via but if want to have a go at working it out yourself here are some wallpaper tips!

– Check with your wallpaper supplier the length and width of the wallpaper, also ask them or look on the box to find out the wallpaper pattern repeat. (You will find all of this information on the individual designs on my website)

– Measure the width and height of your wall

– Grab a calculator and a piece of paper

– Divide the height of your wall by the pattern repeat, this is so you know how many times the design is repeated on the wall. This needs to be rounded up to a whole number because your next wallpaper length needs to start with the start of the pattern so it can match.

For example with our Juneberry and Bird wallpaper if the last repeat is cut in half the remainder of this repeat will need to be cut off before the next length can be placed.

– In our example there is 7.92 repeats in a length, therefore when calculating how much paper is needed for 1 length it is the equivalent of 8 repeats. This is why when the wall is only 240cm high you need to calculate 242.4cm for each strip.

-Our wallpaper is standard width which is 52cm wide and standard length which is 10m but please check this if you are not using our paper.

-1 strip will cover 52cm width of your wall, your second strip will cover 104cm width, these two strips at 242.4cm each will need 484.8cm in total. Carry this on until you have covered your wall OR you reach 10m.

-In our example after the 4th strip the amount of wallpaper is 969.6cm so this would be one roll of wallpaper.

-For the second roll you need to start at 0cm again this is because if you tried to use the excess from the 10m roll you would have only 30cm of the paper and therefore not enough for another strip.

– It can be really frustrating ending up with 1 strip left to wallpaper but needing to buy another 10m roll.

– Don’t worry if you end up with extra little bits, we’re going to post soon about what to do with your excess paper!