Bluebell Designer Fabric UK Designer for Upcycling and Home Furnishings

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Bluebell Designer Fabric UK Designer for Upcycling and Home Furnishings

Bluebell British Wallpaper Designer UK Flowers Pattern

Bluebell is another floral print, inspired by one of my many adventures in the beautiful outdoors. The design was inspired by my visit to the wonderful Dandelion Hideaway in Leicestershire with my husband, where we were lucky enough to be surrounded by a field of bluebells.

April is my favourite time of year because it’s when the bluebells start to flower, and the woodland floor becomes an amazing carpet of blue. This is incredible to see, and makes me appreciate the immense power and beauty of our natural world by taking just five minutes to stop and admire it.

Photograph from the Dandelion Hideaway

Bluebell Designer Fabric UK Designer for Upcycling and Home Furnishings

Are you looking for Designer Upcycling Fabric made in the UK? Team up my Bluebell lamphade with Arla Grey Wallpaper or my Arla Blue Fabric Plant Pot for a room with muted tones but a lot of interest by combining the complimentary prints.

Bluebell is also the perfect print to create a calm, springtime feel in your home and celebrate the beauty of the British countryside.

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Indigenous Great British Floral Designer Wallpaper Blue

Bird Wallpaper – Hummingbird and Cherry Blossom Colourways

The colour blue can also be found in my Blossom & Bird and Tropical Hummingbird Colourways and Blossom and Bird Grey Wallpaper

The first of the two designs; Blossom and Bird features a pretty Long Tailed Tit perching on English Cherry Blossom in classic tones of navy, grey and soft pink. This charming print is joyful and sophisticated and brings the chirpy nature of these delicate birds inside the home.