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Finally, we have a Q&A based on the delightful Peaches a brown and orange tabby. Peaches belongs to Alex, studio assistant here at Lorna Syson – as an animal lover herself, she had to get involved and have her adorable cat feature on one of our cards.

Party Time Peaches is already available on our website as part of our Jenkins and Friends card collection, she is a best seller and firm favourite, so get your hands on her now!

The image behind the card

Pet owners name: Alex
Pet owners profession: Lorna Syson Studio Assistant
City/county that pet and pet owner live in: Bournemouth
Pet’s name: Peaches
Pet’s age: 4

Thank you for letting us make Peaches part of the new pets collection. What made you want to get involved in the Pet collection cards project?

Her cuteness should be shared with as many people as possible.

Your pet is called Peaches where did their name come from?

She was a super tiny, orange ball of fluff when she was a kitten.

When did you decide to get Peaches, is he a rescue or did he come from a breeder?

My neighbour had some kittens she trying to get rid of and asked me if I wanted the one that was left over so obviously I said yes!

What is Peaches personality like?

She’s playful and affectionate.

Does Peaches have a bad habit?

She chews the net curtains making holes in them.

Peaches snoozing in the sun
Whats the silliest thing Peaches has ever done?

Fallen off her scratching post backwards and definitely not landed on her feet.

Does Peaches ever dress up? If so, do you have any pictures?

Nope, she’d never really wear glasses or a hat!

What’s the smartest thing Peaches has ever done?

Working out how to open the cat flap when it’s locked.

How does Peaches chill out?

Stretched out asleep in the window sill soaking up the sun.

After seeing the card, do you think we’ve captured her well?

Yes, Party Time Peaches is perfect!

Peaches is fab, no wonder she is already one of your favourites!

We really hope you have enjoyed the pet owners Q&A’s over the last couple of weeks and that they have given you more insight into the process behind designing our cards – if you haven’t already check out our Q&A’s with Kronk, SparkyRolf and Alfie. We also hope that it has been enjoyable finding out about the personalities behind the cards, we think the stories behind the faces make this collection a hit! Thank you to everyone who got involved, we hope to expand this collection even further, so keep the pet photos coming!

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