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Christmas Cards and Matching Wrap Weekly Planners .. and more

The countdown to Christmas is almost upon us, there are just a few weeks until the big day and the mad Christmas rush that comes along with it. Lockdown 2020 has affected bricks and mortar retail stores globally, with many turning to online ordering so we all can shop safely from our mobile or laptop.

Ethical Pet and Animal Christmas cards all with FREE DELIVERY, personalised pet portraits, home interiors, and gift wrap.

Top of the list for 2020 are my Weekly Planners. Four themes to choose from: Space Dog, Cat Lover, British Birds, and the Meadow floral design for the busy household.

The Meadow weekly planner features spaces for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and actives along with a shopping list. This works exceptionally well for planning your shopping each week, working out your children’s timetable or keeping an eye on what you’re eating.

All weekly planners are FREE UK delivery as standard included in the £9.50 price.

Ethical Weekly Planners – Printed in the UK on high-quality paper from an FSC-certified supplier £9.50 + FREE UK delivery
Recycled cardboard grey back. 50 pages A4 landscape (21 x 29.7cm), the pages FSC ethically sourced and are glued at the top. Bonus design – Each page is the same and not dated! Plastic wrap is home biodegradable too.

Marlo dog Christmas card – with 10% to charity based on my new rescue dog! This white and fluffy pupper is showing off his smile on the front of my latest Christmas card design for 2020 and he can be yours for £3.20 with free delivery.

Goldcrest exclusive pattern Christmas stocking

Frenchie doggy christmas pudding wrapping paper – 10% to charity

Juneberry and Great Tit bird lampshade – most popular design

RSPB blossom and bird grey wallpaper, favourite design for wallpaper at the moment.

Willow Tit bird cushion – really good size for a headrest / christmas snooze

Slinky doggy Christmas card – from one of our Sausage Dog pet portraits

Meadow floral fabric – mades the most amazing roman blinds

Oxford wildlife wrapping paper – new wrapping paper for 202


Complete Christmas Collection 2020 – Gift Ideas for 2021

Head on over to our Christmas collection on the website where there’s now a specialised gift tab for you to browse to your hearts content. We always wrap your orders in tissue and ribbon, but because it’s Christmas, we can even add in handwritten cards to the already tissue wrapped items and send it straight to your gift receiver, so all you have to do is drop us an email with your order reference in, making christmas shopping even easier!

Home Interiors and Designer Luxury Gifts

In 2020 Lorna wanted to celebrate her 10 Year Anniversary however miss rona put a stop to that. Nevertheless, you can read about her career progress. I doubt you will meet a more passionate and committed business owner, single-handedly running her company from being a John Lewis stockist, to boutique gift shops spanning the globe – this lady demonstrates time and time again how you must never give up!

Here’s a featured Long Tailed Tit bird product selection as follows:

Christmas and Greetings Cards with Personalised Messages

Browse personalised greetings cards featuring all the Lorna Syson designs. You can now send your favourite designs on special occasions! You can buy 4 for £10 with code 4for10 at the checkout.

Postage is free in the UK. International delivery available please see delivery and returns

If you would like a card sent directly from us to your loved one just click the “hand written message” button under the cart and we can handwrite this and send directly to your recipient for just £1. Remember to make sure you’ve got the delivery address correct. There’s cards for every occasion, take a look at the full collection and buy a handmade personalised card today!

Features and Benefits of Lorna Syson Greetings Cards

  • Printed in the UK on high quality paper from an FSC-certified supplier
  • Plastic wrap is recyclable
  • Part of Lorna’s pet illustrations collection
  • Brown craft envelope included
  • 15cm x 10cm

After the rain comes the rainbow
Alfie The Bichon Frise Card
All I want for Christmas is a hug from you, Christmas card
All I want for Christmas is a kitten Christmas card
All I want for Christmas is a puppy
All I want for Christmas is you Card
Arnie The Pug Card
Baby’s first Christmas, Christmas card
Bee Happy its Your Birthday Card
Ben The Budgie Card
Best Dad Zebra card
Best Grandma Pansy Design Card
Betty The Blue Footed Boobie
Betty the Siamese Cat
Bluebell Card
Bolt The Black Lab Astro Dog Card
Bonney the Black Labrador
British Bees Card
British Butterflies Card
British Wildflower Card
Broom & Bee Card
Broom and Bee Sky Landscape Card
Bruce The Cat Card
Buddleia Card
Buds & Butterflies Card
Bullfinch Card
Celebrate with Jenkins Card
Charity Christmas card – Golden retriever
Charity Christmas card – Bertie
Charity Christmas card – Cavalier king Charles spaniel
Charity Christmas card – French Bulldog
Charity Christmas card – Gloria the Brussel Griffon
Charity Christmas card – Jenkins the Havanese
Charity Christmas card – Marlo the rescue dog
Charity Christmas card – Ralph the Spaniel
Charity Christmas card – Rocky
Christmas Badger Card
Christmas Bauble Robin Card
Christmas Budgie Card
Christmas Card – black cat
Christmas Card – Black Cockapoo in Santa Hat
Christmas Card – Penguins in Santa Hats
Christmas Card – Persian Cat in Santa Hat
Christmas Card – Pets
Christmas Card – Reindeer
Christmas Card – Retriever Dog Foiled Card
Christmas Card – Songbirds
Christmas Card – White Cockapoo Parker
Christmas Card Duck Family in Santa Hats
Christmas Card Elephant Called Elsa
Christmas Card Giraffe Called Lizzie
Christmas Card Koala
Christmas Card Nancy the spaniel Foiled Card
Christmas Card Panda Called Jenny
Christmas Card Penguin Called Thea
Christmas Card Persian cat
Christmas Card Poodle called Harley
Christmas Card Pug
Christmas Card Rebecca the Christmas racoon
Christmas Card sausage dog Foiled Card
Christmas Card Tiger Called Cinta
Christmas Card white dog
Christmas Card- Black Labrador
Christmas Charity Card
Christmas Deer Card
Christmas Duck Card
Christmas Flamingo Card
Christmas Fox Card
Christmas Guinea Pig Card
Christmas Hamster Card
Christmas Hedgehog Card
Christmas Kisses Robin Card
Christmas Macaw Parrot Card
Christmas Mouse Card
Christmas Otter Card
Christmas Owl Card
Christmas Puffin Card
Christmas Sausage Dog Card
Christmas Scout Cat Card
Christmas Toucan Card
Christmas Wishes Blue Tit Card
Chrysanthemum Card
Churchill The British Bulldog
Coco the Macaw Parrot
Congratulations Buds & Butterflies Card
Congratulations Engagement Card
Congratulations floral card
Cormorant Card
Curlew Card
Daddy You’re My Superhero Card
Daisy the Basset Hound
Darcey The King Charles Dog Card
Django The German Pointer Card
Duke the Boxer Dog
Eli The Husky Card
Ellie the Golden Retriever
Elvis The Parrot Card
Fabulous Friend Hydrangea Design Card
Felicity The Flamingo Card
Frankie the Westie dressed as bee card
Frieda The Astro Space Cat Card
Garden Birds: Panorama Pops Book
Get Well Soon Card
Ginger The Cat Card
Good Luck Card
Good Luck floral card
Hannah The Hummingbird
Happbee Birthday
Happily Ever After Card
Happy (would have been your) Wedding Day Card
Happy Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Crazy Cat Lady Card
Happy Birthday Crazy Dog Lady Card
Happy Birthday Crazy Plant Lady Card
Happy Birthday Floral Card
Happy Birthday Guinea Pig Superhero Card
Happy Birthday Queen Card
Happy Birthday Sausage Dog Astro Card
Harley The Poodle Card
Harry The Hamster Card
Harvey The Cockatiel Card
Have a pawsome birthday card
Have a Purrrfect Birthday Card
Have a whale of a time!
Hedgehug Card
Heidi the Bull Terrier
Hello bestie card
Herbert The Frog Card
Hip Hippo Ray Card
Honey The Guinea Pig Card
Hooray Card
Hydrangea Card
I can’t believe it’s Christmas already Christmas card
I Like Hanging Out With You Sloth Card
I love you and your beard card
I love you more than Christmas presents
Iceolation Happy Birthday Card
Jack The Jack Russell Astro Dog Card
Jemima The Duck
Jenkins The Havanese Astro Dog Card
Jess The Border Collie Card
Jingle Bells Goldcrest Card
Juneberry & Bird Card
Key Worker Super Star Card
Kingfisher Christmas Card
Kingsley The Kingfisher Card
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Lets Party Card
Long Tailed Tit Card
Love & Hugs Panda Card
Love Birds
Love You Mum Kangaroo Card
Love you to the Moon and back
Main Coon Cat Christmas Card
May your Christmas is filled with Champagne, Christmas card
Meadow Card
Meg The Cat Card
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Robin Card
Milo the Cocker Spaniel Card
Monty The Schnauzer Card
Mothers Day Meadow Design Card
Mr & Mrs wedding card
Myrtle the Spaniel
Nancy the Cocker Spaniel
Nelson the Whippet Card
New Baby Elephant Card
New Home Card – Bird House
New Home Card – Houses
Obi the Boarder Terrier
Oliver The Owl
Otis the pug
Pansy Card
Parker the cockapoo
Party Animal – chimp card
Party Dog Card
Patrick the Penguin Card
Peaches the Cat Christmas Card
Percy The Puffin Card
Personalised Badger Card
Personalised Cockapoo Superhero Card
Personalised Cocker Spaniel Card
Personalised Dinosaur Card
Personalised Kitten Card
Personalised Man in Cape and Red Car Card
Personalised Raccoon Card
Personalised Rainbow Card
Personalised Sausage Dog Card
Personalised Sending Kisses to the Best Card
Personalised Super Star Card
Personalised Unicorn Card
Personalised You’re My Superhero Card
Peter & Paul The Penguin Card
Preston the Peacock
Princess The Shih Tzu Card
Queenie the Parakeet
Quincy The Pug Card
Raggly the Cockapoo in school scarf
Ralph The Rabbit Card
Ria the Christmas Card Sloth
Robin Card
Rolf The Spaniel Card
Ronnie The French Bulldog Card
Royal the Cat
RSPB Blossom and Bird Grey Card
RSPB Blossom and Bird Navy Card
RSPB Blue Tit Card
RSPB Greenfinch Card
RSPB Heron Card
RSPB Hummingbird Mint Card
RSPB Hummingbird Pink card
RSPB Hummingbird Teal Card
RSPB Jay Card
RSPB Kingfisher Card
RSPB Red Kite Greeting Card
RSPB Wren and Cherry Card
Rupert The Oystercatcher Card
Sally the Stork
Sammy The Seagull Card
Sausage Dog Christmas card called Slinky
Seasons Greetings Long Tailed Tit Card
Sending kisses to the best mummy card
Sending Love Raccoon Card
Sending you a sprinkle of Christmas magic, Christmas card
Sid the Siamese Cat
Significant Otter Card
Smokey the Cat
Snowy the White Rabbit
Stella the sausage dog
Stephen the Sausage Dog Card
Super Star Carer Card
Super Star Delivery Person Card
Super Star NHS Worker Card
Super Star Teacher Card
Superhero Cat
Superhero chocolate Labrador
Superhero cockapoo Parker Card
Superhero french bulldog
Superhero Goldfish
Superhero Guinea Pig
Superhero sausage dog
Superhero Sausage Dog Reggie Card
Swallow Card
Swans greeting card
Thank you Bee
Thank You Card
Thank you floral card
Thanks a Bunch – Koala
Thanks white poppy design card
The Duck Family Card
Thomas The Toucan Card
Truffle the Chihuahua
Waffle the Terrier
Walter The Woodpecker Card
Watlington Badger Card
Watlington Black Cap Card
Watlington Blue Tit Card
Watlington Fox Card
Watlington Hedgehog Card
Watlington Owl Card
Watlington Pheasant Card
Watlington Rabbit Card
Watlington Stoat Card
Welcome Little One
Welcome to the World Little Lady Card
Whiskey the Maine Coon Cat
Willow Tit Card
With Sympathy Buddleia Design Card
Yippee Giraffe Card
You are beautiful, brilliant & brave card
You are Otterly Wonderful card
You are the bees knees
You Mean The World To Me Card
You’re a Star Card
You’re a Star Charity Card
You’re Awesome
You’re Grrreat Tiger Card
You’re my Sunshine on a Rainy Day

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