Dulux Colour of the year 2016


Dulux Colour of the year 2016

Trends in interiors are really interesting to watch, some are predicted, others can be seen coming through fashion and others just jump out and surprise you. Every year I always keep an eye on what Dulux predicts and love to see the fantastic room sets they create.

The overarching theme is ‘Looking Both Ways’ the idea of looking at the past for inspiration to help decide what will happen in the future. I love this theme, and is something I have always done with my work. The Coast & Countryside collection and the Songbird collection are heavily influenced by my childhood holidays and memories. ‘Looking Both Ways’ also celebrates the beauty in contrast – the difference between pale and dark, plain and patterned or even organised and chaos.

Cherished Gold

The Cherished Gold they describe is a burnished golden ochre that’s more brass than bling – an elegant matt emulsion rather than a glittery, glossy metallic.

Rebecca Williamson, Senior Colour Design & Content Manager at Dulux, comments: ‘Gold and tones of gold are being used everywhere in the design world. It is a recurring colour and material at design fairs and in graphic design as well as in architecture, fashion, beauty and interior decorating. For 2016 Cherished Gold is a beautiful next step, a natural evolution and transition from Copper Blush, last years’ Colour of the Year. As metallics continue to add that feel good factor into our homes, this earthy gold inspired hue will offer that little touch of glamour in an authentic and personal way.’

I couldn’t be more delighted with Dulux’s colour choice for this year. I love yellow and have had it as a dominate colour is all of my collections.

What goes with Cherished Gold/ how do I use this in my home?

Good question… and what I would say is only consider using it if, like me, you love it! Keeping up with trends in interiors is slightly more complicated than in fashion, you can shove the cherished gold wall to the back of your wardrobe the way you did with that top you had to get because it was ‘on trend’ but never wore.

Dark & Moody

Photos from Pinterest and Lorna Syson designs

We recently painted our stand at Home London in dark navy and loved the contrast is gave to our products. I think it’s a fantastic colour and believe is can open a space up if used correctly. This photo from the Beautiful mess shows how the gold of the colour compliments and lifts the space. This also touches on the ‘Looking Both Ways’ trend of dark and light. The colour creates drama in the room in a very contemporary way.

Light & Airy

Photos from Pinterest and Lorna Syson designs

Yellow can be suitable and added as touches instead of entire rooms. Mixed with light greys, whiles, duck egg blues and pale mint greens it can create a modern airy interior. Think floating fabrics, large windows, the idea of bringing the outside gardens and plants inside.


Bold & Beautiful


Photos from Pinterest and Lorna Syson designs

Of course you can use yellow to make a real statement! Bright, bold and never shying away. Looks contemporary and fresh when paired with a tonal grey colour pallet. It adds lots of energy into your space. Mix with fun and quirky patterns and interested textures of rugs and throws given a homely warmth to the space.